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Pitching Injury Prevention

Pitching Injury Prevention

Pitching Injury Prevention helps children learn the art of baseball pitching while reducing the risk of injury. The program’s goal is to reduce serious arm injuries by increasing awareness of proper body mechanics and technique while pitching.

Pitching Mechanics

Set, Knee Raise, Weight Shift, Drive to Landing, Rotation and Acceleration, Ball Release, follow through, down and ready
  • Set
  • Knee Raise
  • Weight Shift
  • Drive to Landing
  • Rotation & Acceleration
  • Ball Release
  • Down & Ready

There are two things that are common among coaches and parents in all communities of baseball:

  1. We all want to see our kids do well, have fun, and be competitive among their peers.
  2. No parent or coach wants to see their child get injured because he wasn’t taught the proper way to pitch or pitched too much.

Studies have shown that the largest risk factor for pitching related injuries is overuse. It is also a widely accepted belief that the risk for injury increases sharply for pitchers with poor mechanics given the same amount of pitches.